Will Binns-Smith

Some more about me.

Will Binns-Smith

Iā€˜m a software engineer living in the Bay Area. Currently at Atlassian building tools for those who build.

Some stuff I've built.

BitbucketAtlassian Bitbucket

At Atlassian I developed a single-page Backbone Marionette frontend to Bitbucket's git-backed Snippets and the API endpoints in django to integrate with our git backends.

I enabled Atlassian's cross-product component library, AUI, to export ES Modules and worked regularly with our Design Platform team in Sydney to publish it to npm as a single package with many individual modules. This work enabled all Atlassian products and the large ecosystem of add-on developers to ship only the components necessary for their apps.

I co-authored Bitbucket's frontend implementation of Atlassian Connect, a plugin architecture for our cloud products which uses the postMessage API to securely communicate between Bitbucket and embedded plugin frames.


I developed much of the frontend shopping cart functionality on Bonobos.com, which eliminated a full page load from the store and raised cart value by a statistically significant percentage.

I worked one-on-one with designers to bring a desktop-viewport only website to one that's completely optimized for smaller, touch-based devices.

I began with Bonobos in our Palo Alto, California office and soon relocated to NYC to build our technology team from 2 engineers to a team of 20+. I'm incredibly proud of the technology team we've built in our NYC headquarters.


I developed all of the frontend infrastructure and automation in node for Bonobos's next-generation platform, beginning with AYR, which is a 100% JavaScript frontend client to our core ecommerce services. I live and breathe JavaScript, obsessing over nuances in experiences of customers and business users.